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Everyday Humanitarianism - London School of Economics and Political Science

When: 14 – 15 April 2016

Where: London School of Economics and Political Science

RSVP: For more information please visit LSE

Dr Magdalena Zolkos will be presenting a paper on Restitutive Humanitarianism and Politics of Loss at the International Conference on Everyday Humanitarianism at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Zolkos argues that the contemporary responses to unjust enrichment and population dispossession in humanitarian law point at some problematic entanglements between the area of humanitarianism, neoliberalism and biopolitics.

International Conference on Everyday Humanitarianism

In this ‘post-humanitarian’ age, solidarity is driven by converging logics of consumption and utilitarianism where doing good for others is about mundane micro-practices that aim at personal gratification, such as the click of the mouse or an e-signature. At the same time, moral universals and political questions of justice and equality may fade into the background or become treated as irrelevant. What are the everyday discourses and practices of humanitarianism today, its affects and their consequences? We are convening this international conference to explore this everyday humanitarianism and its ethics, affects, and practices by engaging new and ongoing scholarship in a number of fields (for example, studies of humanitarian interventions, disaster relief, charity, remittances, philanthropy, development aid, communications, and CSR).


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