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Masterclass Series 2016/2017

Institute for Social Justice Masterclass Series 2016/2017

The Institute for Social Justice is a creative space for thinking about and responding to the challenges we face in the 21st Century.  We are developing innovative cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research programs that will experimentally combine original scholarship and normative reflection with diverse forms of action research. This complex and multi-faceted endeavor requires rethinking our highest social ideals: justice, equality, freedom, democracy, public goods, and the very meaning of our humanity. It also requires concretely addressing urgent social issues, seeking practical and workable solutions through productive partnerships with academic colleagues locally and internationally, and through engagement with community and civil society organizations.

This year, we are offering our coursework to postgraduate students and early career researchers as part of the ISJ Masterclass Series. Participants develop a deeper understanding of the great debates in political and social thought, and the complexities of socially engaged research, and develop original investigations within a strong intellectual community.

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All our Masterclasses are offered free of charge but require registration which you can find on our events page . Once you have registered we will keep you informed on readings suggested for the individual class.

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