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Special Topics in Global Affairs: International Development

After a successful first year of partnership with Chonbuk National University (Korea) the Institute for Social Justice (ISJ) is excited to host another group of 24 undergraduate students from CBNU in coming January to undertake a three-week intensive summer course on “Special Topics in Global Affairs: International Development”. The students are here as part of a three-year partnership that the ISJ has established with CBNU.

Some of the most complex issues of global politics exist at the nexus of international relations and international development. While globalization has made countries interdependent, the capacity of the international system to deal with global challenges remains limited. A wide range of global problems still awaits effective international solutions – from the depletion of natural resources and global climate change to the creation of an effective and fair trading system and the elimination of poverty. This course provides a thorough and thoughtful discussion of the international relations of global development. The complex interactions between global politics and international development are much more than an academic exercise. The course will trace the evolution of key debates on the global governance of development, the history of the main patterns and shifts in international development, the central topics and actors in the field, as well as the likely trajectories for the global development agenda.

The course is designed with several different audiences in mind: undergraduate students looking for an expert guide through contemporary international issues; policy-makers at all levels seeking an in-depth survey of the main challenges facing the world today; those from any of the major social science disciplines who take the ‘global’ seriously; members of international organisations and NGOs; and anybody with a keen interest in international affairs but who wishes to deepen his or her understanding of world issues.




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