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International Symposium on the Philosophy of Vladimir Jankélévitch

On February 15-16, 2018, the Institute for Social Justice hosted international symposium ‘Vladimir Jankélévitch in the 21st Century’, organised by Marguerite LaCaze (University of Queensland) and Magdalena Zolkos (Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University). While still relatively little known in the English-speaking world, Vladimir Jankélévitch had important influence on the 20th century continental philosophy. The originality and richness of his thought – including virtue ethics, musical aesthetics, death, forgiveness, remorse and interpretations of Bergson and Schelling – is being gradually recognised, and has incited scholarly interest and further studies. The symposium featured nine papers, given by presenters from Australia, Brazil, Portugal, and US. It also featured a panel on the translation and editing of Jankélévitch’s work. While the main scholarly field for the study of Jankélévitch’s work continues to be philosophy, the symposium has also included perspectives from musicology, cultural studies and film studies. The symposium will be followed by an edited volume on the key themes in Vladimir Jankélévitch’s philosophy.


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