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Postgraduate Seminar: Decolonizing Feminism

Postgraduate Seminar: Decolonizing Feminism

Intensive 2-Week Postgraduate Seminar: Decolonizing Feminism

When: August 22 – September 2 , 10am-1pm

Where: Level 11, Tenison Woods House, 8-20 Napier Street, North Sydney

Instructors: Linda Martín Alcoff, Kiran Grewal, Allison Weir

What are the possibilities for an inclusive transnational feminist politics in the 21st century? How can feminists respond to continuing regimes of colonization, racialization, and imperialism, and resist the assumption that western culture provides the model of gender justice? This two-week seminar will explore new approaches to questions of gender justice and gender theory, including Indigenous and Islamic feminisms, postwestern perspectives, and postsecular, postcolonial, and transnational feminisms. We will discuss and analyze links between gender orders and colonial conquest and settlement, changing patterns of violence against women, and racializing discourses and knowledge regimes, to challenge dominant understandings of knowledge and law, agency and politics. We will also discuss new strategies for solidarity and resistance, including alliances between secular and spiritual feminisms, Indigenous and settler feminisms, and local and transnational movements, to consider ways to build solidarities across differences, and to create  genuinely democratic theories and politics of transformation.

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August 22: Introduction

August 23: The Question of Gender – Colonial and Decolonial understandings

August 24 and 25: Intersectionalities

August 26: “Do Muslim Women Need Freedom?”

August 29: Islamic feminisms

August 30: Indigenous feminisms

August 31: Contemporary Feminist Challenges: Sexual and gender-based violence

September 1:  Co-option: the uses and misuses of feminism in other processes of domination

September 2: Transnational Feminism?


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