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Postgraduate Seminar – Possibilities for Radical Political Transformation

Postgraduate Seminar – Possibilities for Radical Political Transformation

Join ISJ PhD candidates for our second postgraduate seminar this term. Professor Romand Coles will be introducing ways of political transformation, community organizing, social networking and more..

When: 14-25 November 2016, 12-3pm

Where: B3, 25-29 Berry Street, North Sydney

Lecturer: Professor Romand Coles

Registration: Please register here

This seminar introduces several vital theories and strategies for generating political transformation in the face of recalcitrant powers and problems.  While appreciating the specific contexts in which these visions of change have emerged, we will pay particular attention to their potential uses and limits for creating change today.  We will discuss radical democratic modes of broad-based community organizing, nonviolent civil disobedience and uprising, the political power of moral imagination, dramatic aesthetic practice, internet social networking among diverse constituencies, and the political energy of radical democratic smart-grids.  Participants will explore possibilities for full-spectrum organising that draw on several approaches that are often viewed as in conflict with each other.  Readings will include selections from Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Baker, Saul Alinsky, John Paul Lederach, Arun Appadurai, Christina Beltran, Manuel Castells, Mark and Paul Engler, and Romand Coles.

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Week One:

November 14:  Introduction and Nonviolent Transformation: Gandhi

November 15:  Nonviolent Transformation:  Martin Luther King Jr.

November 16:  Grassroots Organizing Tradition:  Ella Baker and the Civil Rights Movement

November 17:  Grassroots Organizing Tradition:  Saul Alinsky and IAF

November 18:  Politics and Radical Moral Imagination:  Lederach


Week Two:

November 21: Aesthetics and Political Transformations:  Mumbai and Slum Dwellers

November 22:  Aesthetics and Political Transformation:  US Immigration Movement

November 23:  Theory and Practice of Uprising 1

November 24:  Theory and Practice of Uprising 2

November 24:  Social Networking, Full-Spectrum Politics, and the Political Energy Smart-Grid




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