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Sydney School for Critical Social Thought – The Legacy Event category: public-lecture

Political Protest and the Denial of History

Professor Jacqueline Rose small

Professor Jacqueline Rose

Professor Jacqueline Rose, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities

What is the legacy of a brutal political past?  How does it pass down through the generations?  At a time of persistent, or even growing, race, gender and class discrimination and inequality, what does it mean to tell the young that they have been born free into a new world? In this lecture Jacqueline Rose turns to South Africa to argue that, far from lifting the weight of history, such expectations lay an impossible burden on the children of the nation. Drawing on the living archive of the recent University protests, on radical South African thinkers, alongside other voices from across the world who have struggled with a cruel history, she suggests that only a continuous reckoning with the past, however agonised, can forge a path towards a better, more just, future.



When: 24 May 2017, 4pm -6pm

Where: Level 12, Tenison Woods House, Napier Street, North Sydney

Event type: Public Talk



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