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Lucy Cramp

Lucy Cramp

Muslim Migrants in Germany: Integration, Citizenship and National Identity

One of the greatest challenges Western societies such as Germany face is the question of how to integrate migrants, particularly in terms of religious minorities, into their communities. The 9/11 terrorist attacks have solidified pre-existing resentments and fears of Islam as a faith and Muslims as a category of persons in many Western nations. The public debate on immigration presently focuses on Islam and the reconciliation of Islamic beliefs and practices with the norms, principles and values of liberal democracies. Thus, the subject matter of migration and the issue of peaceful coexistence amongst several cultures and nationalities is one of the most current contemporary issues facing the international community. The subject of my thesis is the integration of Muslim migrants in Germany. I follow the question how Germany ought respond to its existing Muslim community. I investigate the possibilities and opportunities of immigration and integration using the work of Joseph H. Carens, Bonnie Honig and Talal Asad. The aim of my thesis is to contribute to a renewed approach towards the subject of immigration and integration. In particular, I aim to contribute to a more nuanced debate about multiculturalism and a proposition for developing a new sense of national identity in Germany.

I studied Political Science at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. My research is in the fields of Political Science, Political Theory, Political Philosophy and Sociology. I am interested in social change and the management of plurality in conjunction with different normative conceptions of a just world. My overall research interests are in Migration, Citizenship, Nationality, Multiculturalism, Secularism, International Relations and Humanitarian Interventions.



Principal Supervisor: Professor Nikolas Kompridis

Co-Supervisor: Professor Joseph H. Carens

General research interests:

Migration, Citizenship, Nationality, Multiculturalism, Secularism, International Relations & Humanitarian Intervention