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Professor Jacqueline Rose

Professor Jacqueline Rose

Jacqueline Rose is internationally known for her writing on feminism, psychoanalysis, literature and the politics and ideology of Israel-Palestine.  Her books include Sexuality in the Field of Vision (1986, Verso Radical Thinkers, 2006), The Haunting of Sylvia Plath (1991), States of Fantasy (1996), The Question of Zion (2005), The Last Resistance (2007),Proust Among the Nations – from Dreyfus to the Middle East (2012) and the novel Albertine (2001). Women in Dark Times has just been published by Bloomsbury. Conversations with Jacqueline Rose came out in 2010, and The Jacqueline Rose Reader in 2011. States of Fantasy and The Last Resistance have formed the basis of musical compositions by the acclaimed young American composer, Mohammed Fairouz. A regular writer for The London Review of Books, she wrote and presented the 2002 Channel 4 TV Documentary, Dangerous Liaison – Israel and the United States.  She is a co-founder of Independent Jewish Voices in the UK and a Fellow of the British Academy. Before arriving at Birkbeck, she taught at Queen Mary University of London as Professor of English, and in Autumn 2014, as Diane Middlebrook/Carl Djerassi Professor of Gender Studies in Cambridge.