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Professor Jennifer Nedelsky

Professor Jennifer Nedelsky

Professorial Fellow Institute for Social Justice

Professor of Law, University of Toronto

Professor Jennifer Nedelsky joined the Institute for Social Justice (ACU) as a Professorial Fellow in 2014 and is Professor of Law at the University of Toronto. She received her Master of Arts and PhD from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the University of Toronto, Professor Nedelsky was a Killam post-doctoral fellow at Dalhousie University (1977-79) and an Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University (1979-1985). She was appointed Assistant Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Toronto in 1986 and promoted to full Professor in 1995. In 1991 and 1994, she was Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago.

Professor Nedelsky’s teaching and scholarship have been concentrated on Feminist Theory, Legal Theory, American Constitutional History and Interpretation, and Comparative Constitutionalism. In 2000 she was awarded the Bora Laskin National Fellowship In Human Rights Research. Her most recent book, Law’s Relations: A Relational Theory of Self, Autonomy, and Law (Oxford, 2011) won the C.B. Macpherson Prize, awarded by the Canadian Political Science Association. Her first book was Private Property and the Limits of American Constitutionalism. She is co-editor with Ronald Beiner of Judgment, Imagination and Politics: Themes From Kant and Arendt.

She has two current research projects. The first, funded by SSHRC, is on “Judgment in Law and Life,” building on Hannah Arendt’s unfinished theory of judgment. The second is on shifting the norms around care and employment, so that everyone is expected to work part-time and do care work part-time. She currently teaches courses on “”Feminist Theory,” Judgment”, “Women in Western Political Thought,” and Administrative Law.