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The Legacy – Political Protest and the Denial of History

Professor Jacqueline Rose delivers University of Cape Town’s VC Open Lecture

The Memory of Loss

Professor Nikolas Kompridis discusses the memory of loss in connection to the Museum and changing landscapes beyond its walls.

Should Everyone Work Part-Time?

Canadian professor Jennifer Nedelsky believes implementing part-time work would break down gender inequality, lead to a better family life and see those who need care much better looked after.

Professor Costas Douzinas – Is there a Right to Resistance and Revolution?

Revolution is a well-known topos in philosophy from Kant to Hegel and Marx. Right on the other hand has been abandoned to liberal legal and moral philosophy. The age of resistance we have entered give us the prefect opportunity to examine philosophy’s and law’s hesitant exploration of the link between revolution and right and to revisit the metaphysical foundation of right itself.

State of Democracy

By Professor Joseph H. Carens

Human & Non-Human

By Professor Nikolas Kompridis

Jacqueline Rose on Zionism, Freud, Sylvia Plath

Jacqueline Rose talks to Justin Clemens at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2013 in a series of events from the London Review of Books:


Secularism, Public Reason and the Limits of Translation