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Professor Paul Apostolidis

Professor Paul Apostolidis

Paul Apostolidis is Professor and Judge & Mrs. Timothy A. Paul Endowed Chair of Political Science at Whitman College.

Research areas:

  • Migrant workers’ experiences of labor, migration, and politicization (day laborers & worker centers; meatpacking workers’ unions)
  • Neoliberalism and temporalities of work and everyday life
  • Biopolitics of border control and food-industrial systems
  • Race, power, and immigration
  • Methods of social research combining empirical field inquiries, critical theory, and political engagement
  • Christian Right media culture
  • Sex scandal discourses (race, masculinity, religion)
  • Feminist theory
  • Critical explorations of Gramsci, Foucault, Adorno, Freire, Butler, Young, Agamben, Connolly, and other theorists. 

Professional Leadership: Member of the Executive Editorial Committee for the journal Political Theory.

Teaching areas:

  • Community-based research: In 2005, I founded Whitman’s nationally recognized community-based research program on The State of the State for Washington Latinos. In this program, which is running again in 2013-14, students conduct independent research in partnership with local and regional organizations and then bring their findings and recommendations to the public.
  • Politics of race and immigration
  • Latino politics
  • Critical theory and cultural studies
  • American political thought
  • Democratic theory
  • Religion and politics

I also have directed and have taught in Whitman’s general studies program “Encounters: The First-Year Experience.”