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Tina Dixson

Tina Dixson

Tina comes from a diverse human rights background, previously working in the areas of HIV prevention, LGBTIQ rights and currently with people seeking asylum. In 2011, she drafted and presented the Shadow Report at the UN in Geneva for human rights violations of homosexual, bisexual and transgender women on behalf of local NGO’s under CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women). This resulted in two recommendations that her home country observe and report on human rights violations of LBT women.

Tina is an active refugee advocate being involved with the longest running refugee legal centre RACS (Refugee Advice & Casework Service) and social art exhibition project ‘Stories about Hope’.

Tina’s Doctoral thesis is focused upon the lived experiences of queer refugee women. Taking the point of departure in her personal story and moving to stories of other women, she views them through the lens of trauma theory and concepts of agency.

Tina views lived experiences in the multiplicity from pre-departure to the life while or after obtaining a refugee status. Placing particular focus on the life after, she questions whether the discovery and embrace of the multiplicity of new refugee identity still remains ongoing and whether in a new safe home, queer refugee women may be still coming to terms with oppression, discrimination or violence. Ultimately she sets a goal to investigate how these women are expressing their agency trying to grasp both positive and negative experiences by documenting and analysing empirical material – their stories.